Our preschool is based on a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate for preschool aged children. Each child is challenged to excel in all areas of learning in our kindergarten readiness program.

Areas of Focus


Learning the alphabet, name recognition, colors, rhyming, poems & finger plays, stories, singing, sequencing &  following directions.

Cognitive Skills

Cognitive Skills include working with numbers, counting, recognizing shapes, sorting patterning, graphing, learning computer skills and iPads.

Social Skills

Children participate in show and tell, free play, games, dramatic play and outdoor recess.


Fine Motor Skills

Honing in on fine motor skills by writing, painting, cutting, gluing, drawing and lacing.

Gross Motor Skills

Our students learn music and movement, play with a parachute, jumping, hopping, balance beam and outdoor play.

Emotional Skills

The Co-op works with children by nurturing, general encouragement, guidance and positive reinforcement.


The Co-op’s activities include field trips, scheduled throughout the year, are interwoven with the curriculum. We are proud to extend the lessons learned in the classroom to include fantastic additional activities.