About Us

“The Co-op offers a safe and nurturing environment for the children to learn. My son comes home smiling and confident, always looking forward to the next day. Mrs. Lozar and Mrs. Stohlman are wonderful with the children—I can’t imagine being anywhere else!”

– Andrew’s Mom

For over 50 years, the Independence Coop Preschool has been providing the highest quality preschool education for local children. This goal has been achieved by actively involving families in their child’s education and providing the student with a positive self-image that develops readiness skills and early academics necessary for a successful Kindergarten education. The Co-op is a non-profit, non-discriminatory and tax-exempt organization. We are licensed by the State of Ohio. The preschool operates with a qualified and certified staff under the direction of a board that is made up of parents.

Parent Involvement

The nature and benefit of our preschool is the cooperation through learning of the entire family, our school and community. We ask parents to be actively involved and assist the teachers on a rotating schedule in the classroom, as well as participate in committees. The frequency will vary according to the size of each class, but one time per month is typical.

Parents are needed to assist the teachers on a rotating schedule in the classroom. The frequency will vary according to the size of each class, but one time per month is typical. Helping parents provide a snack/drink for the class on their day. Your child will be the teacher’s “special helper” when you are the classroom parent.

We rely on parents to support our fundraisers throughout the year, requiring active participation in Home Days in late summer and a winter fundraiser. Assistance with other voluntary fundraisers is greatly appreciated.

Each family participates on a committee or holds a board position. Examples of committees are party planning, assisting board members, scheduler of working parents and making play dough.

Each family is assigned to do a thorough cleaning of one classroom 1-2 times during the course of the school year. This task usually takes one to two hours any time after school Friday through Sunday.

Our Staff

Our co-op preschool is administered and maintained by staff who believe in providing children with a quality preschool experience. We have two full-time staff members and we have every bit of confidence that you will be pleased with our staff and the valuable experience your child will have with them.

Mrs. Kelly Lozar:  Director and Lead Teacher

Kelly has been our teacher since the 1996-1997 school year. She is the mother of three children and grandmother of three.  She has enthusiastically embraced the challenge of preparing our children for Kindergarten. Kelly holds a degree in Learning Disabilities and Elementary Education.  She began her journey here 26 years ago when her first child attended our preschool, and she participated as a parent and board member for all 3 children.

Mrs. Annette Wadley:  Teacher’s Aide

Annette joined our staff for the 2018-19 school year. She is the mother of four children. Annette has an Associates in Educational Technology Degree with a focus on Elementary School Aide and Child Development. She has considerable experience due to working in a preschool and daycare for eight years and as well as other various jobs working with children. We welcome Annette’s warmth and enthusiasm!

Mrs. Lozar
Mrs. Wadley

Our Facility

The Independence Co-Op Preschool is a bright, fun and inviting atmosphere for your child to learn and grow. We offer well-equipped classrooms for teaching all of the readiness skills that are so essential to become a successful Kindergartner, as well as areas to develop fine and gross motor skills, and exercise creativity in art, music and nature. Additional areas allow children to explore toys, books, games, puzzles, dress-up and cooking.